It’s an exciting story. I was 18 years old, and an all-around staff in an internet cafe in Sampaloc, in front of UST in Manila, and everything just started with curiosity when I saw my colleague designing a calling card. I said to myself “I want to do that”. So I come to the office earlier every day and tried that app they are using to do designs. That’s the start of my entire graphic design career.

The year 2010 when I tried out contest websites. And learned logo designing after a couple of wins. That’s the time I came to think that maybe designing a logo is for me.
For 6 years, I focused on designing logos and just do some other graphic designs as a side job whenever my client requires additional designs.
Dubai, UAE – 2016 – – – Tried my luck. But no luck. But happy that I learned photography

Up to this date, I am still improving my skill. And keep on learning new things especially on the technical side of logo designing and the business.

I love discussing things with fellow designers. I love talking to young ones. So in my free time, I spend it with different design groups and sharing my knowledge and opinions in logo designing and the business of logo design. Teaching the new ones how to become a good logo designer if not the best, and teaching them how to deal with clients.

This website will be my official page to reach out to different people by writing blogs on random thoughts about logo designing, designer, and the industry. To showcase my portfolio and to connect with clients around the globe.

Hope you will enjoy your visit here. 🙂

The desert taught me how to be a photographer through self-study watching youtube videos and reading articles, and a short course in one of the top photography class in Dubai, UAE. I do landscape photography, interior photography, product photography, and my favorite one – – – food photography.